About Us

Liner Construction, Inc. is a family owned building contractor that has been licensed in the Tampa Bay area since 1967 and licensed in the State of Florida since 1977. (CBC011812)

Liner ConstructionWe specialize in Design/Build for commercial, residential and industrial construction and offer preliminary design work and cost estimates at no expense to our customers.

With over 40 years of construction experience in the state of Florida, we have successfully completed many different types of projects such as strip malls, office
buildings, warehouses, animal hospitals, restaurants, etc.

We also do commercial “build-outs” and commercial and residential remodeling. Our preliminary site design work can consist of drainage, parking, building layout,
and landscaping, lighting, electrical, mechanical, utilities and cost estimating of above.

Our preliminary building design can consist of functional building layout, esthetics, structural, electrical, mechanical and finishes.  In other words, complete “turn key”
projects, and again, with cost estimating at no expense to our customers